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The City of New Britain Charter and Code of Ordinances are on the website. The City of New Britain makes no representations that the information contained on the website is current or up to date and disclaims any responsibility for any reliance thereon. The current provisions of the City Charter and Code of Ordinances are on file in the Office of Town Clerk, 27 West Main Street, New Britain, CT 06051.

New Feature - New Britain Searchable Ordinances Online (through Supplement #34) are now on-line and key word searchable from your desktop, smartphone or tablet using Municode's new on-line service.

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City of New Britain Charter

Approved by referendum, November 7, 2000.

Revised through November 5, 2002.

New Britain Charter By Article:

- ARTICLE I: Construction Of The Charter Of The City Of New Britain
- ARTICLE II: Incorporation
- ARTICLE III: Elections and Electors
- ARTICLE IV: The Common Council
- ARTICLE V: The Mayor
- ARTICLE VI: Other Elective Offices
- ARTICLE VII: Boards and Commissions
- ARTICLE VIII: Departments and Department Heads
- ARTICLE IX: Board of Educations and the Department of Education
- ARTICLE X: Budgetary Procedures
- ARTICLE XI: Capital Projects Budget Procedures
- ARTICLE XIII: Condemnation and Disposition of Land
- ARTICLE XIV: Legal Effect
- ARTICLE XV: Special Act Powers and Charter Provisions