Transit Oriented Development

Creating Hives of Activity

City of New Britain's TOD Plan


The long-awaited CTfastrak Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is now operating successfully, fostering renewed interest and potential for redevelopment and development around each of New Britain’s three station areas: Downtown, East Main Street, and East Street. This plan is intended to guide implementation of the city’s vision for Transit Oriented Development (TOD based on market forces, physical and environmental conditions, infrastructure capacity, and historical patterns of development. The recommendations are designed to leverage the significant investment made by the state in CTfastrak and the city in its complete streets network to induce redevelopment that in turn contributes to the overall success of the BRT system.

What is a TOD?

TOD is mixed-use development that is fully integrated with transit, where development prioritizes pedestrians and connections to transit in uses and design. TODs are vibrant, dense, compact, and unique places where pedestrians are encouraged to walk or ride between transit and their various designations through the creation of safe and inviting environments. TOD areas strive to balance live, work, and play opportunities in order to foster activity at all times of day, on all days of the week. Because of historical development patterns, each of New Britain’s station areas presents unique opportunities to strike a balance between these three aspects of a successful TOD.

Downtown is well poised to balance the live-workplay equation due to its significant employers; arts, culture, entertainment, and recreation assets; and the history of and potential for housing in and around this location. The prevalence of residential development and the location of the multi-use trail in the East Main Street area provide a foundation in the live and play aspects of TOD that can be strengthened. Finally, the East Street location and its proximity to Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) impart a “college town” flavor to the livework-play equation.

What Are the Plans?

Four overarching goals underpin the unique plans and recommendations around each station area. The goals stem from TOD best practices and New Britain’s vision for three vibrant TOD neighborhoods. They are:

  1. Increase the city’s capacity to guide development.
  2. Increase housing and residential population close to transit stations.
  3. Activate streets near and around transit stations.
  4. Integrate new development with existing assets.


Read the entire TOD Plan HERE.

The appendices are available HERE.

All documentation regarding the TOD plan can be found in the documents section of the website under Public Works\Transit-Oriented Development section or by clicking HERE.