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City of New Britain Launches Cost Sharing Sidewalk Repair Program


May 9, 2019

NEW BRITAIN—The City of New Britain has launched a new cost sharing sidewalk repair program for property owners seeking to make improvements to their sidewalks.

Under Section 21-70 of the City Ordinances, property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sidewalk bordering their property. With the Cost-Sharing Sidewalk Repair program, the City will reimburse property owners for up to 50 percent of the costs of sidewalk replacement for single family residential properties, 40 percent for two family properties, and 33 percent for three to six family properties.

“We recognize that repairing a sidewalk can be costly and in some cases simply unfeasible to budget for,” said Mayor Stewart. “We hope that this program will be beneficial to property owners; these improvements will make for a safer, better connected community.”

The City of New Britain maintains approximately 200 miles of sidewalks located along its city streets; the maintenance of and repair of these sidewalks is on-going.

The Cost-Sharing Sidewalk Repair Program has the following limitations and requirements:

1. Property owners must enter an agreement with the City to be eligible for this program and sidewalk repair reimbursement funds.

2. This program is limited to New Britain residents, and owner occupied rental properties.

3. $6,000 is the maximum value the City will reimburse a property owner.

4. The maximum construction cost the City will reimburse a property owner is based on the pricing of the City’s sidewalk contractor, which was selected under a public bid process.

5. New construction is exempt from this program.

6. This program is limited to sidewalk repairs on existing properties.

7. Sidewalk work must be performed by a qualified contractor licensed to do sidewalk construction with the City.

8. Work must be completed in conformance with City’s engineering standards.

9. All applicable state and local permits must be obtained when doing the sidewalk repair work.

10. Police traffic control costs can be included in the total project cost.

11. The property owner must provide the City proof of payment to the contractor prior to receiving reimbursement.

If you are interested in applying for this program please contact New Britain City Surveyor, Mike Caruso, LS at (860) 826-3376 or via email at

The City has allocated $50,000 for the program in 2019.


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